OCMRI welcomes Medicare and most health coverage plans and providers.

OCMRI Technologies:

  Breast MRI (Dedicated Coil; Workstation)
  Open MRI and High Field 1.5 MRI
  PET/CT Fusion
  CT Scan (Multi Detector)
  PET Bone Scan
  Bone Density Scan

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Orange County MRI Mission

OCMRI's mission is to provide "real life" answers to "real life" questions, overall enhancing the quality of the southern California lifestyle...one patient at a time.

OCMRI provides the following technologies and diagnostic examination services:

  • Breast MRI (Dedicated: Coil; Work Station)
  • Open MRI (OPART)
  • High Field 1.5T MRI
  • PET/CT Fusion
  • CT Scan (Multi Detector)
  • PET (Sodium Fluoride) Bone Scan
  • Bone Density Scan

Contact ocmri@ocmri.com for more information, or call 714-957-0317 to schedule an appointment.


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